Friday, April 13, 2007

Training Days Again

So today ends my first week as a Lighting Artist on The Golden Compass. This is a much bigger project than I initially thought and it looks amazing! I'm truely stoked to be working on this movie. Rhythm & Hues has another super complex pipeline but that's to be expected when working with cutting edge technology. I have one more week of training before I hit the production floor but I should hit the ground running. It's no more difficult than Disney's system. Working on this has really revitalized my enthusiasm for cg and movie making. I'm learning a lot. A huge downside is that I probably won't get a credit at the end of the film. The production companies only give a couple hundred slots for names and with 500-odd people at R&H, I doubt I'll be on the credit list. :( They said hundreds of people were not credited for Narnia so I'm expecting the same. At least it's on my imdb.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Meets Expectations

Article from
Meet the Robinsons launched at $25.1 million on 4,400 screens at 3,413 theaters, which included digital 3-D presentations on 587 screens at 484 locations. Though distributor Buena Vista didn't have a precise breakout, the 3-D presentations grossed twice as much on average as the regular version. The computer-animated comedy's debut was solid by the recently lowered standards of the genre, but it was significantly less than Chicken Little and Robots among similar movies.
"It's right on the expectation level [of $25 to $28 million]," said Chuck Viane, Buena Vista's president of distribution. "And of course we're playing into the Easter holiday which begins Monday and by Friday 80 percent of kids will be out of school." Buena Vista's polling indicated that the audience was 78 percent families and 53 percent female, while the CinemaScore was "A-."