Sunday, December 09, 2007

Golden Compass Opening Weekend.

Golden Compass racked up at the box office this weekend ending up at number 1 *EDIT-- I guess $26 million bucks is not considered a success for a movie that cost almost $200 million to make. :P * . I watched it on Thursday and thought it was ok. It looked so boring in dailies but seeing it all together made a bit more sense. It's certainly not The Lord of the Rings as they keep depicting it but it's decent. They cut 2 large sequences at the end which a lot of people (including myself) worked on. Kinda sad but I guess that's how it goes sometimes. I was just happy to get a credit. There was a rumor that not everyone was going to get one.

So if you go see it, I worked on shots where Lyra has run away and is walking through the streets and running from the Gobblers and I worked on the sequence where Daniel Craig is fighting people in the snow. The other sequence I worked on is shown only as a vision through Lyra looking into the compass. That's the sequence that got cut. Maybe if the shot is in Compass 2 I'll get a credit on that also :P unlikely.