Saturday, August 11, 2007

Siggraph 2007

An early train to San Diego brought me to the convention floor of the 2007 Siggraph conference. Along with my ILM friend Farid, we jostled down the aisles taking in the new technologies and visiting friends along the way. The industry is so small, that we could barely walk ten feet before seeing somebody that one of us had worked with somewhere else in the country... or in Farid's case, the world.

It was great to see everyone from Disney and it made me quite homesick for the studio. I spoke with Aldolph, who will be my new "back end" production supervisor when I return. He told me that I will recieve a call within the next few weeks. Hallelujah! I appreciate the breadth of the project that I'm working on at Rhythm & Hues and I am learning an unbelievable amount about the technology side of a pipeline but I really miss the creative input I had at Disney. Working directly with Disney Art Directors to light environments was the highlight of my career. My current work gives me a new appreciation for that experience.