Monday, October 23, 2006

BF 2142!

Wow, it's been two weeks since I've updated! That's what happens when you start playing Battlefield 2142. You instantly loose a couple of weeks. Although game play is almost identical to BF2, I have to recommend this title for one reason... Titan mode! In Titan mode, each team has a large floating warship with shields. The objective is to control the missle silos on the ground that shoot shield damaging missles at the enemy's Titan. Once that shield is gone, the fun begins. The Titans have 4 control panels which have to be destroyed before entering the "main reactor". When the main reactor goes, the entire ship blows up. The close combat inside those Titans is awesome. Hallways lined with defenders waiting for the coming invaders... reminds me of the opening battle in Star Wars!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Milka Rocks!

I made a trip to Orlando last weekend to visit friends and go to a wedding. While there, I caught Milka down at the Social. Orlando has the best local bands I have ever heard and this one is at the top of that heap. I've seen them several times and they always put on an amazing show. Maybe they'll get out here to LA one day. This is a picture from the show I attended last Friday.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Best 360 Game to Date!

I'm a typical adult gamer in that I will play a game for a weekend and consider it a good game. Every so often I get a game that snags me for more than that. Something that I can come back to time and again. Until now, the Xbox 360 has not produced this game for me but Just Cause from Avalanche Studios and Eidos Inc. has changed all that. This game kicks arse! Imagine GTA with a purpose. Causing mayhem to overturn a government on a not-so-small island with absolutely beautiful graphics. This game does a really good job handling LoD (Level of Detail). Up close there are lots of pretty things to look at with no loading for new areas. Don't know how they do it but I like it! Like GTA, you can take any vehicle you see and wreak havok or you can get missions that will help destabilize the island and overthrow the current government. Play it. Love it. I give it 4 Kung Fu kicks and a Karate chop.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

New James Bond.. Casino Royale!

I've never been excited about a James Bond movie but this movie looks like it will rock! A gritty no-nonsense Bond is just what the franchise needs. This guy looks like he would rip your head off before he would say some cheesy "he lost his head" line. I, like most of us, got very tired of that stuff. I want to see a cold assassin takin care of bidness on some terrorists. Nov 17 should be a good day!