Monday, March 26, 2007

TMNT Review

I have to be one of the most biased people to attempt to review this film. You see, this movie is going to compete directly with Meet the Robinsons starting this coming weekend (March 30th) so I really want this movie to be bad. Then everyone will go see MTR instead.... right? Well, low and behold, it's really really good. :( I can't believe it. $34m made in Hong Kong and it's good. Heck, I'll say it. It was great! I loved it. I actually thought it was better than 300... and more believable. The fight scenes were awesome and the story was pretty darn compelling. I give this movie 4 karate chops and a sweep the leg Johnny.

We'll all be working in Hong Kong soon. Good thing my girlfriend's Asian.


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People should read this.

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