Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm Out!

Got word yesterday that I will be laid off from Disney after Meet the Robinsons. I certainly was not alone. All my friends including my boss and his boss were also laid off. They stated 20% of Feature Animation but that was very misleading. They meant 20% of the studio which from what I understand, includes some 300 "other" people. It was more like 60% of the artists but it felt like 80% here in Lighting. They did say we would get a call when American Dog ramps back up but I really would like to leave feature films for a while and work in video games. I know I've been saying that for years now but maybe it's finally time to take myself seriously.


Blogger tomsaville said...

Sorry to hear it, Tom. Send me your reel!!! Or you can try that game thing. Thats good too.

Best of luck out there, Mr. Wright!!!

9:28 PM  
Blogger tomwright said...

I would like to try out New York. Could I live in Manhatten and commute?

10:24 AM  

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