Monday, March 19, 2007

Back to Disney

So I've made up my mind to go back to Disney. I've talked with the guys up there and I'm convinced that going back is the right thing to do. I still have several months before I can start so I'll probably take a gig in the inbetween but unless something catastrophic happens (like they shut down the project), I'll be back to make American Dog... or whatever they are going to call it.

It was great to see what my options were as far as jobs and I still think one day I might jump ship and go into games. For now there is just too much momentum behind me in the film industry and I don't want to have to "prove myself" again somewhere new.

MTR had a great wrap party Saturday night and I got to see all my old workmates. Everyone seemed in good spirits and several people were doing the waiting game like me to go back to Disney. I also got to see Meet the Robinsons as a completed picture for the first time. It was very heart warming. It's a bit slow compared to current cg films and has none of the pop culture gags that we see today but it's a very good movie. Of course, I'm completely biased but I think it will do well.


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