Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Official Golden Compass Trailer

The official Golden Compass Trailer has been released HERE! Yahoo also has links to more info and photos on the movie.

It's still coming along. This is a very slow process in live action and I'm not used to that. Tiny tweaks are constantly made to the smallest of elements in the image that the audience may never see. It's a completely different beast than all cg. I'm much more geared toward an all cg pipeline because I've honed so many skills that benefit that type of work. A lot of the work in live action is done for you. Lighting is 90% right out of the box with image based lighting and you don't have to worry about color concepts, lighting/shadow composition or color theory. All of that is done for you by the dp or cinematographer and on a plate ready to go so it's not nearly as artistic as I would have liked. It's fun to do something different, though not very challenging. :P I'm looking forward to going back to Disney in November.

Here's the trailer!


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