Tuesday, September 25, 2007

All That Gaming

I'm trying to take advantage of my days of unemployment by catching up on some games. I've been playing the crap out of Team Fortress 2 and will be picking up Halo 3 this morning. I'm usually good for 3-4 days of a single game. I must be a bit ADD.

Little news on the job front. Blue Sky was a no go. I think it was a salary thing but they just said there wasn't a slot available... that was the day after they told me they were drafting an offer letter. :P

Still waiting to hear from Disney. I guess I wasn't a shoe-in after all. We think that they are interviewing everyone (including outsiders) before making a decision, which is kinda a slap in the face to people that were told they would be coming back and took temp jobs to wait for it. So I've scheduled an appointment with Dreamworks and am in new talks with Vanguard and others to cover my bets. In fact, I'm seriously considering an alternative to Disney due to the instability of that position. I'm such a Disney fan-boy, that it's hard to leave them behind but Dreamworks is offering 3 year contracts and Zemeckis' new studio is said to be offering 5 year contracts! That sure beats the 10 months that Disney is offering. I also have a standing offer to go back to the South East and teach... which is probably the most tempting of them all. I'm really starting to miss home. LA is a strange world of tension and impatience. I look forward moving away from here.


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