Friday, July 13, 2007

Traffic Jam!

Forbes and MSN just listed the 12 worst traffic bottlenecks in the United States and whatdayaknow, I drive through two of them each and every day. Topping the list is I405 and the 101 interchange. I live less than a mile from this abomination and have to wade through it every afternoon. Luckily, I get to exit Ventura right there at the 101 which makes life a tiny bit easier. Number 5 on the list is the I405 and I10 interchange which I also drive through daily. Here in LA they call these roads "the" rather than "I" which I find strange. So I405 is called "the 405" and I10 "the 10". I like to call them something else... but this is a family site. :)


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