Saturday, September 08, 2007

Last Day at Rhythm!

Friday was my last day at Rhythm & Hues. I think I did 8 shots in the five months I was there. Not exactly the pace that I'm used to. I really liked the people out there but Compass wasn't the cool project I thought it would be. All the shots I did were of cg animals that weren't really doing anything exciting. The stuff looks amazing but it kept me wondering... why not just use a real animal? Seems like an awfully expensive thing to do, to place a cg animal in every shot... and at the pace we had to work, because of the crazy complicated pipeline, I can't imagine how much money that movie cost New Line Cinema. This is a strange business for sure.

So now I'm faced with a few options. I'm still planning on going back to Disney but there may be an opportunity for me to go to Blue Sky Studios up in New York for four months before returning. I would be working on Horton Hears a Who. I was suppose to hear back from them Friday but Blue Sky's recruiters are somewhat famous for forgetting things. There is even a story that they forgot a guy at the airport that they flew in for an interview.

It's important that I hear from them soon because if I go, I need to talk Disney into a January hire date instead of November. It's possible that Disney might say no, that they need me in November. In that case, I obviously can't take a short term gig over Disney... even though we are hearing that there will be another gap inbetween Bolt and Rapunzel, which means the probability of more layoffs at the end of Bolt.

Why do I do this for a living again?


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